Stone boulders are a great way to add a natural accent and focal point to your yard and landscape. They have the capacity to further introduce texture and design to flowerbeds, entrances, and added spaces. From changes in elevation to accentuated creativity in landscape design, boulders provide an assortment of options that aim to enhance the curb appeal of your property.

A boulder can help make any design come to life. They can serve as an organic background for lighting or a base for added dimension and privacy. Our stone experts will help you discern the size and shape that best complements your property and will work with you to introduce the natural charm of a boulder into your design.


Boulders can add a level of authenticity to your project. Below are some of the boulder selections we carry for customers in Middlefield, OH; Chagrin Falls, OH; and Chardon, OH:

• Brandywine Brown Boulders
• Brandywine “one-man” Boulders
• PA Fieldstone Boulders
• POA Fieldstone “one-man” Boulders
• Black Granite Boulder
• Chester Brown Granite Boulder
• VF White Boulder
• Heritage Boulders